Working with kids never ceases to amaze me.  From their size (how are they so TINY?!) to their fashion sense (who doesn’t love mismatched tie-dye from head to toe??) to their home lives… but as my career has led me to find out, it’s what they SAY sometimes that just floors me.

I would LOVE to know where they come up with some of the things they say; mostly because I fear I will never be as hilarious as they are between the ages of two and twelve.  I’m sure kids are funny after that, but I don’t work with anyone past the 5th grade right now.

Conversations with Kindergartners:

(In a group setting talking about categories for various animals, we happened to be talking about favorite ZOO animals:)
Boy:  I love the monkeys!  They get to sit around and eat nanners (bananas) all day!

Charlie: Oh monkeys are funny!  But I like the hippos and elephants.

Boy:  (puzzled look upon his face) WHY???

Charlie:  Well they’re so fat they look like they could give a good hug…

Boy:  Well, you’d love my GRANDPA, he’s real fat!


A few weeks later with the same Kindergarten boy:

Boy:  It’s gonna snow and we won’t have school!!!

Charlie:  Oh dear, I hope not, I don’t like to drive in snow.

Boy:  My mom won’t even go ANYWHERE in the snow.  And I think… I know why.  I think… it’s because she’s cold-blooded.

Charlie:  Hmmm… do you know what else is cold-blooded?  Snakes…

Boy:  Yeah that’s it!  She’s a salamander!


Maybe it’s only funny in context, maybe it’s only funny if you work with/have kids… but I couldn’t resist sharing!

Chuckles to all!  ~ Charlie


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