Kids these days…

I’m not a parent, but I know you aren’t “supposed” to have favorites.  And rightfully so (though as an only child, I, of course, was the favorite… until my furbaby came along).

And of course the same is true for teachers.  But let’s be honest, there’s always SOMEONE in your life SOMEWHERE that makes you smile just a **little** bit more than everyone else.

So today this post is about my favorite kids:

First Grade:
I walk into the room and call the names of the students I need so they will come line up at the door and mass exodus out to my classroom down the hall.  They know the drill, line up, “bubbles & tails!” (lips closed, hands behind your back), and off we go.

Enter:    “Mr. I-Can’t-Keep-Quiet–EVER…”

He gets himself in line, bubble & tail in place, then it happens:

THROWS his arms up in the air and word vomits “HUGGIES?!!?!?” almost as loud as he can.

Well when you say it like that…


These little guys and all their inquisitiveness, I almost sit back in amazement at how much they change and learn and grow in one 24-span to the next.  It’s truly incredible.  But it doesn’t always start off that way.

Enter:    “Little Man”

“Little Man” started with me in August.  And by started I mean, we met for the first time and he sobbed nearly hysterically, all day, everyday, for about a month.  Then…. Not.  One.  Word.  Not even a giggle for the entire following month.

But now???

We sit in a group with our pockets on the floor so as not to smoosh a neighbor and Little Man leans over onto one pocket, grabs his other pocket, and ever so nonchalantly exclaims, “MY BUTT’S NUMB!” 

How am I to respond to that?!

There are days I feel I literally won’t be able to keep it together, as I fully believe my heart may burst with the laughter and joy I am fortunate enough to experience at the drop of a hat every single day.

If you don’t have kids… go make friends with one in the grocery store or at a park or a zoo (but don’t be a creeper!).  I promise you your day — and maybe even your heart — will never be the same again!

Or if you need a laugh, watch this 🙂





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