Social graces…

The one thing I’ve learned about kids is that in their innate innocence, is pure joy. A joy that hasn’t been tainted by life, stress, anger, greed, cruelty. Just true happiness and love — in its purest and simplest of forms.

Yet what brings them their pure joy, their unfiltered and unadulterated happiness… Well, that comes in all shapes and sizes and in the most unlikely of packages as I witnessed today.

Walking through the grocery store I saw a mom pushing her son in a cart. He appeared to be about four and was fairly content just sitting in the cart asking questions about E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G he saw. His beautiful mother was beyond good with him and patiently answered each and every mundane question, but you could tell she was getting tired of the chatter.

I passed them several times on different aisles; he was quite relentless in his pursuit of understanding how all those beans got in all those cans.

But it wasn’t until my last pass with them that I finally lost it, and so did everyone else in the grocery store within ear shot.

So to the mortified mother whose four year old son was ::shouting:: “Wieners!!  Wieners!!” in sheer ecstasy when you gave him a package of hot dogs, you gave me a moment of pure, unadulterated, and clearly – unfiltered – JOY.

Love, laughter, & yes, wieners…




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