I’ve about had it with Nature and her raging case of bi-polar disorder.  My closet and I never know how to adjust to her whims quickly enough.  C’est la vie!

Monday :
The week started off with 60 wonderful degrees at 7am!  Then came the wind.  And by wind I mean:  hold-onto-your-britches-because-you-might-end-up-sans-pants… Hello, Gale Force Winds.  Notice furbaby, the winds knocking on the windows always terrifies her…

OOTD for Monday

OOTD for Monday

Black Maxi Dress:  Forever 21 (similar here); Denim jacket:  Gap outlet (similar here & here);
Scarf:  Dillards (similar here); Shoes: Target clearance (similar here);
Nails:  Essie “Something Borrowed”

Mother Nature was back in mood: “PermaFrost” with a 30 chilly degrees when I woke up.  But at least I didn’t have to worry about meeting the Wizard of Oz.  (((It’s a legit possibility everyday here.)))

My pants played a cruel April Fools joke on me :-(  Clean when they exited the closet; destroyed when I laid them out.

My pants played a cruel April Fools joke on me 😦 Clean when they exited the closet; destroyed when I laid them out.

Denim Trousers: Express years ago (similar here); Sweater: Old Navy clearance;
Striped Oxford:  Abercrombie & Fitch consignment score (similar here);
Lace Cami
: Express (similar here); Shoes: Crown Vintage via DSW (similar here)

 Wednesday aka “How Would You Wear It Wednesday”:
SURPRISE!  Torrential downpour.  Not going to lie, we NEED the rain in that desperate kind of way where you pray, and hope, and put on your best behavior just to see a few sprinkles.  But I digress…

How Would You Wear It?

How Would You Wear It?

On Wednesdays the outfit-of-the-day will be a piece I want YOUR input on!  How would you style this cream and black and polka dots all over blazer?  I found it at Target on clearance for under $10 — naturally, it needed a home in my closet.  I’ve done the obvious black pairing, and even branched out with a graphic t under it… but that’s where my creativity has come to die with this piece.  Give you a cookie if you can help me? 🙂


Some days… you just need to keep it simple.  But every day… I like **sparkle**!

Simple... very simple.

Simple… very simple.

Shirt:  Express years ago (similar here); Pants:  Forever 21 (here);
Shoes: Vince Camuto consignment score (similar here)

This blouse has been with me since, I’m guessing, right after high school.  My momma MADE me get it for interviews and church and college.  I’m sure I rolled my eyes as I didn’t see the value in her taste back then.  But, of course, she was right.  And I LOVE this shirt.  She’s even had to work her laundry magic on it recently when my dryer BLACKENED it.  She’s a miracle worker and saved my little old blouse.

These shoes… A recent consignment find!  They were brand new, never worn, original box and tags.  And the sparkle… can you not?

I **try** to keep my outfits cost conscious, hence, my love of consignment shopping!  It takes work, and a certain mood, but it can totally be worth it!


By the end of the week, after 90 kids and umpteen meetings, it’s all I can do to get out of bed and put clothes on.  I feel like Gru talking to Dr. Nefario when I look in the mirror:  “Why, why are you so… OLD?”  (Watch the clipI work with kids; give me a break.

If I had a uniform,  it would look a lot like this.

If I had a uniform,
it would look a lot like this.

Shirt:  Old Navy (similar here); Pants:  Forever 21 (here);
Blazer:  Forever 21 years ago (similar here); Shoes: Jessica Simpson via TJ Maxx years ago (similar here)

I feel the older I get, the more I become my mother — don’t lie to me, you know you feel the same way!  My mom always wears classic colors, fits/cuts, and of course, blazers.  Her chic uniform has somehow morphed into my own (insert my surprised face here).

Way to set the bar high, momma! ❤

 ??What’s your uniform??


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