My Outfits of The Week

Hey guys! Check out what I wore this week and let me know your thoughts or if you would style something differently. I tend to think of myself as somewhat “fashion challenged” (things just look better in my head) so I’ll take all the constructive criticism I can!

Sorry, but no photo for Monday because I was sick 😦 and believe me, no one wants to see what I wore that day. I crawled out of bed and into my old sweatpants from college and an over-sized men’s button down that I sleep in. I also rocked my moccasins. That’s as good as it’s going to get folks!

Wet weather unfortunately plagued half of my week as well (mini rant: It’s April San Francisco. Your rainy season has passed so cut this shiz out). After being sick all weekend and with the torrential downpour of rain I opted for a more comfy casual feel.

photo 1

Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft; Skinny Blue Jeans: Forever 21 (similar here)
Cami: Forever 21 (similar here); Brown Boots: DSW

MORE RAIN!! Thus a repeat of the boots and semi-comfy clothes. I’m lucky I have a job that allows me to be comfortable but appreciates when I look professional as well.

photo 3

Green Boho Shirt: Old Navy (similar here); Black Jeggings: Forever 21 (similar here)
Brown Boots: DSW; Rose Gold Watch: Bulova (similar here)

Finally a day without rain! A little chilly in the morning but it warmed up nicely in the afternoon. To channel spring I decided on a pop of color.

photo 4

Grey/White Stripped Cardi: The Limited; Pink V-Neck: Mossimo (similar here)
Black Crop Dress Pants: Old Navy (similar here); Sparkle Loafers: Ross (Report brand)

TGIF for real!! This has been a pretty casual week for me apparently…I blame my cold/allergies/whatever has decided to invade my body!


Green Stripped V-Neck Blouse: Old Navy (similar here);
Blue/Black Skinny Jeans: Forever 21 (similar here); Brown Boots: DSW

I’ll try to mix it up more next week to show some more variety in my closet! I am definitely a jeans and sweater/blouse kind of girl though. I love dresses and skirts but don’t feel like I can pull them off so I tend to stay away from them. Plus, the weather in San Francisco is so unpredictable that I often dress in layers so I can adjust throughout the day.

What is your typical style? Share in the comments below!

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