First Impression: Almay Shadow Softies

imageHey everyone! I was super excited last week when I went to City Target in downtown San Fran and found these cute little eye shadows on clearance from Almay! If you know me, you know I LOVE a good deal. And seriously, you can’t go wrong with $3.74 for 2 shadows that usually run $4.99 EACH.

Here’s my take on these eye shadows – as always this is just my opinion πŸ™‚ If you want to try them for yourself, they are available in stores and online at Ulta. Enjoy!


Full Product Name:
Almay Shadow Softies by Intense i-Color in two colors: Creme Brulee and Cashmere.

Shadows claim to be “color whipped to perfection.” They are lightweight, crease-free, pure color, and available in 12 shades.

I really like the shape of these but they were a little hard to get open at first. Once I got the little sticky seal off though they seemed to open and close easily/without hassle.

Overall Texture/Consistency:
When these said they were “whipped” I was thinking of a soft eye shadow that I would probably apply best with just my fingertip. Not so with these! Honestly, they felt just like my regular eye shadows, not special. I tried to swatch these but they were so sheer/lightweight that they didn’t really swatch well. I guess their claim of being lightweight is true!

Overall Review:

Creme Brulee


This was the color I was drawn to when I picked up this pack because it had some shimmer in it. I’ve been trying more shadows that have a shimmer/glitter effect and like it in moderation. My first impression of this color is that it is SUPER sparkly but not very pigmented. I felt like very little color transferred to my lid and all that was really left was glitter galore! I tried taking pictures but sorry guys, the color just wouldn’t come through – that’s how light this was.



This is definitely a matte shadow IMO. It does have a creamy texture but again, when trying to swatch this it was almost translucent on my skin. I think this would be great for a highlighter. When applied in layers it does show some color but it’s more white/muted than the kinda yellow tone it appears to be.

Overall First Impression:
These shadows are just okay to me. I wasn’t blown away by them or felt like they were something new/revolutionary. They are lighter colors but to me they weren’t very pigmented. Layered with other colors they could be good, but used together they have a very minimal effect.

Do I think it’s true to its claims? As aΒ lightweight formula, definitely! But as a whipped shadow, not so much. I didn’t notice any creasing but then again I could barely tell I was wearing anything. Overall, I’m glad that I got them on sale and didn’t pay full price for these.

Have you tried this line of eye shadows? What was your first impression?





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