Blush Bonanza!

Let’s be honest

I’ve managed to keep my makeup obsession under control in merely one area:  BLUSH.

This is probably only due to the fact I can never find a shade I love while avoiding looking like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show.  True story.

These five little babies have quickly become my favorites in various shades of pink and coral; matte and shimmer.  Amazingly enough, all of these are DRUGSTORE finds!  (Please join me while I shout hallelujah that CVS now carries NYX!  #amazing)

Side note:  if you haven’t joined the CVS reward club, you have NO idea what you are missing out on!  Free makeup almost every trip, not even kidding.


Feminine Flushed Face

Feminine Flushed Face

These five little gems will each get their own 15 seconds of fame below…

NYX blush – PEACH

NYX - Peach

NYX – Peach

I’ve had this blush the longest (read:  more than a year)
and even though I used it religiously for a year,
day in and day out…
I’ve hardly made a dent in it!
A TRUE natural matte pink — despite being named “Peach”.
This is probably the most versatile blush I own.
It wears well throughout the day on my oily-prone skin.
Though I have realized this blush wears best when it is applied directly to skin
(i.e., not over your powder).

Picked this up at Ulta for around $6.
Verdict:  Worth it.

MILANI – Luminous 

Milani - Luminous

Milani – Luminous

I know, I know.  I’M SORRY!  

This amazing dupe for NARS – Orgasm Blush
is no longer available unless you can search it out online.
It’s a great pink with a gold shimmer/sheen that doesn’t contain glitter.
I managed to find this on the bottom of a rack at CVS one day
and thought I’d fallen into the twilight zone because I knew it had been discontinued.
I made sure not to make a scene (though in my head I was riverdancing in joy) and quickly made my exit after paying less than $5 for my score.

Verdict:  All the rumors you heard about this blush?
Completely true.

Milani Baked Blush – Dolce Pink

Milani - Dolce Pink

Milani – Dolce Pink

Yes, it’s still available!
The most wonderful fair,
berry pink with veins of purple
and serious shimmer running through it!
I find this color does wear a *little*
better than “Luminous” when worn alone
(again, not over your powder).
But please be forewarned, there IS glitter in this blush and it can lead to fall out.  Still, I find myself reaching for it on nights I want to look a bit more dramatic/flushed.


Found this at CVS for $2 (after coupons/sales/reward perks).
Verdict:  Give it a shot!

Physician’s Formula Happy Booster Blush – Natural

Physicians Formula - Natural Happy Booster Blush

Physicians Formula – Natural Happy Booster Blush

This cutesy little mosaic claims to
boost your mood with its formulation.
Now, I can’t speak to that.
But who couldn’t be happy with a light,
yet natural, flush on their cheeks?!
Count me in.

I tend to avoid the darker portions of this blush,
but that’s due to my own fear of vibrant colors.

Yes, I have I need to branch out, I know.


Again, this came from CVS.  For FREE! –after coupons/sales/reward perks
Verdict:  It’s great for day-to-day wear!

Maybelline Master Hi-Light Blush in Coral

Maybelline Hi-lighter in Coral

Maybelline Hi-lighter in Coral

The newest kid in my collection!

This little beauty requires a LIGHT hand for certain.

But with proper application = GORGEOUS.
My oily prone skin usually looks a hot mess with any kind of highlighting effect,
but this blush has MASTERED the fairest highlight in all the best ways!

There are (maybe) 3 blush shades and 3 bronzer shades in this line.

Picked this up at CVS with a coupon for $6 (rewards, etc).
Verdict:  Get you some!


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