Alice in Wonderland…

I recently started working with a new first grade girl (Ms. Confused) who is DETERMINED that I am Alice.

As in Alice from Alice in Wonderland.
Mad Hatter, White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, and all.

I have NO CLUE where she got this idea but it has carried over from one week to the next and I’ve got to admit, it’s pretty adorable.


–Week One–
Do you remember my name?
Ms. Confused:  No….
I’m Miss Alex.
Ms. Confused:  Like in Wonderland?!

For the record, my given/birth name is NOT Alice.  She made that phonological leap on her own.  But I couldn’t help but think she was right.  Some days that’s exactly what life (in education) feels like…

–Week Two–
Ms. Confused hounded me in the hallways ALL DAY asking when it was her turn to come to my class.  She was DETERMINED I had forgotten about her.
When it was finally time for her to come to my class I went to retrieve her from her homeroom.  She RAN to get in line, just to turn around and RUN back to her desk.

Once she finally got back in line, she handed me a tiny square of paper covered in hand-drawn hearts.
Ms. Confused:  “Here Ms. Alice.  Until you go back to Wonderland, I love you”

And then I turned to a pile of mush…



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