Casually Comfortable — Outfits of the Week

And the heinous weather mood swings continue.   Oh winter-hail-bipolar polar vortex, please cease and desist!

All these weather changes and persistent congestion accompanied by fatigue left me feeling highly unmotivated and underwhelmed with getting dressed for work everyday.  To be honest, I’m blessed to work in a school district that has SUCH a lax dress code.  But in all reality, I miss the high expectations of the Southern mentality I grew up with until the age of 18 (when I promptly left the South).

I never understood it then, and I certainly didn’t fit in.  But boy do I appreciate it now!  And my momma’s input/wardrobe development lessons that would just irritate us both to no end while I was growing up 😉

But I digress… Here’s how my week looked:

MondayStay Classy & Sassy!


I found this Ralph Lauren button down, as well as the Vince Camuto gold sparkle flats, during my consignment store trips in Kansas City & Lawrence.

The lace cami is from Express eons ago
and the hunter green skinnies are from Forever21.

Seriously, for the price, Forever21 can’t be beat for casual wear
(especially if you like to follow trends).

Skinny jeans are a staple in my closet out of necessity when it comes to crawling under tables after kids or having little booger beasts all over you during the day.

TuesdayThe Higher the Heel, the Closer to God!



For once I bought something in a store!  This blouse is from BCBG,
and even though it was on clearance, it was still overpriced.

But the back of the blouse, it was just too cute to leave behind.
Even though I did begrudgingly pay $37 for it.

 Again, my pants are from Forever 21 for $9.80.

And these ridiculously high Steve Madden heels?
A whopping $3 on clearance on DSW.  #winning




How Would You Wear It?

How Would You Wear It

I love this jacket from Forever 21, truly I do.  But I’m at a total loss on how to
style a leopard print military jacket.  It’s quite fitted so nothing bulky
(I tried that this winter.  #fail.)

Furbaby had to get a real feel for it apparently.  
She had nothing to say right meow.

What would you suggest???


ThursdayCalm, Cool, & Casual



I’ll be honest, this is beyond too casual for work.  Even I’m embarrassed to say it.  But let’s get real, some days you just aren’t feeling it.  Thursday was obviously one of “those” days.

Graphic tee was on clearance at Old Navy for $5;
Jean Jacket was from GAP Outlet for $35;
Pink Skinnies were from Forever 21 (duh) for $15.80;
and the Steve Madden shoes from DSW were $35.

My “blazay” attitude was free, of course.



Friday Spring Pops in Color!



This polka dot, lightweight sweater from Kensie, is actually reversible!
It’s white with orange polka dots on the inside.
Love it when I get multiple uses from a single item!

At Dillards, this sweater was clearanced to $28;
White skinnies from – of course – Forever 21, were $9.80
Cobalt Jessica Simpson pumps from DSW were clearanced to $13.

I had a meeting with several other educational professionals,
this was my attempt to stay fresh but comfortable while my congestion raged on.


Next week I’ll attempt to try harder in my closet choices.  But don’t hold me to that….


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