Spring Essentials

~* Spring *~     

Some of us have it full swing
(you, sly dog, you!)

Some of us still long for it
(that would be me)

Nevertheless, I’m spending more and more time outside
of my little apartment and really appreciating my surroundings.

Though in true girl fashion, I never manage to leave my house empty handed!

Here are my “gotta have it” items I keep close at hand:

Spring Essentials!

Spring Essentials!


  • tennis shoes/trainers/runners
    The LIGHTER the Weight, the BRIGHTER the color, the more I LOVE ‘EM!
  • retro headphones
    Talk about drowning the world out… MUST.  Turn it up, tune it out.
  • lip balm/chapstick
    The wind literally comes “whipping ’round the way” in these parts.  Result:  sandpaper lips.  Sexy, I know.
  • nail polish & cuticle cream
    The change in weather leaves my nails SO FRAGILE that the only way I’ve managed to save them is to keep ’em polished and moisturized.  Am I the only in love with pretty fingers???
  • Bombshell Spell Drink (not pictured)
    From the Tone It Up! girls…  Everyday starts with this metabolism booster!
    1/2 cup organic pineapple juice,
    1 Tblsp organic Apple Cider Vinegar
    1 tblsp organic local raw honey

What are your must have items now that the season is finally starting to change??
According to the calendar anyway…



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