Trying for Comfort – Outfits of The Week

I usually go into each work week thinking to myself that this will be the week that I wear all my “professional” looking clothes! That I won’t wear any jeans (except on Friday – duh) and I’ll “dress for the job I want.” But once I hit hump day things went downhill! Let me just say that my job allows me to dress pretty much how I want, except I shouldn’t show up in yoga pants and a sweatshirt like I want to every day. Our policy is “Business Casual,” but that’s so up for interpretation as to what constitutes “business” and “casual” that it’s hard sometimes to not fall back on my basics like a soft v-neck tee and skinny jeans. My motto is if I have to question whether or not something is work appropriate than it probably isn’t and I shouldn’t wear it.

Anyways!! Here are my outfits for this second week of April!

*Disclaimer: please excuse all the weird angles of my photos this week – I am trying to find the best place to take my photos that don’t show a lot of background!

Monday Funday!

photo 1I picked up these super cute royal blue crop/ankle pants from SAMs club a few months ago and just LOVE them! They are totally out of my comfort zone but are perfect for spring and I’m sure I’ll wear them in the summer too. They have a little bit of stretch so they move with me which is nice. They are The Limited brand and for $16 I just couldn’t go wrong!

My shirt (sorry for the boobage) is from Old Navy and it’s kind of a sheer blousy material, which I tend to really gravitate towards (side note – I have this same shirt in a jade color. True story). My undershirt is just a basic cami from Forever 21 (like $1.80 and available in every color – though you’ll be lucky if you find one bigger than a S).

You can’t see them in the photo (sorry) but I wore my black pair of Report loafers which have little silver geometric shaped studs on them.


photo 2I’m wearing my trusty black crop/ankle pants from Old Navy. I was so excited when I found these but am super disappointed that they keep shrinking in length every time I wash them! They used to hit right above my ankle and now they’re more like capris 😦 sad panda! ANYWAY…

My shirt is from Ann Taylor Loft, which I actually got from an Instagram seller for like $6 I think – it was BOGO? (shout out to @shop_my_petite_closet – love her stuff!). It’s hard to tell in the photo but the reptile print actually has a blue tint to it which I really like. I’m wearing another Forever 21 cami underneath just because, surprise surprise, it’s a bit sheer.

And finally my shoes! Which of course are my trusty Report grey sparkle loafers! In case you haven’t noticed I probably cycle the same 3 pairs of shoes every week.

Hump Day

photo 2In honor of my lovely friend and co-conspirator Charlie, I opted for a mint H&M cardigan (hint: she loves ANYTHING mint colored. I’m surprised she doesn’t own this sweater). I paired it with my trusty grey v-neck boyfriend tee from Target (Mossimo brand), and a pair of blue skinny jeans from Forever 21. And I topped it off with my Report grey sparkle loafers (again).




The Day Before The Best Day Of The Week

photo 3(aka Thursday). I headed up to Sacramento to work on Thursday and it was forecasted to be a balmy 85 degrees and sunny! Happy Day!!

I paired my teal green top from Target with my light grey skinny jeans from Express. Since it was going to be toasty, I slapped on these cute sandals (flip flops?) that I got at DSW – I’m not sure what the brand is (sorry).

Side note: can I just say that I love these jeans but have no idea what to wear them with? The shoes are always the hardest part for me – any suggestions you have please let me know!!



photo 1Finally the end of the work week as arrived! And I can stop stressing over whether or not people think I look professional enough haha.

Today’s outfit features my awesome Lauren Conrad boyfriend jeans (you can either roll the bottoms or unroll them), along with a green scoop neck tee from Target (Mossimo again), and my white and black stripped cardigan from SAMs (also The Limited brand). And since it was casual Friday, I wore my knock-off TOMs canvas shoes, which I got at Kohl’s.


That’s it for this week! If anyone has any ideas on how to style something I wore differently let me know 🙂





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