Pinterest —> Real Life Interest

Truth time:  My name is Charlie and I spend WAY too much time browsing  “Women’s Fashion” on Pinterest.

I said it.  
This should redeem me of all my “wasted” time.

Though, I have to admit:

I want to know where these fabulous women live, work, and breathe!!!

I’ve lived in 5 different states in 5 years with my career and can I just say I’ve come across ONE WOMAN who looks like a walking Pinterest board everyday???

Note: this woman did not buy her own clothes, her husband did. (My jaw is still on the floor). But she styled them daily and always said she hated shopping and fashion. She was a rare breed that was just fashionable by genetic (and marriage) default. #luckyduck

So, I figured I would try to emulate the looks of the women whose clothes/pins/pinboards inspire me!

Here’s how it all turned out:

Rocker Chic

Rocker Chic

Rocker Chic.  If you lived through the 90’s, you’ll see why I find this grunge-rock look singing “It smells like teen spirit” … Not my favorite look, I’ll be honest.  But it’s simple and inexpensive to say the least.  Find the ORIGINAL LOOK HERE.

My take:
Denim Jacket – GAP Outlet – $35
Graphic t – Fleurty Girl – $25
Lace Bodycon Skirt – Forever 21 – $7
Wrap Boots – Steve Madden – $35
Hose – target – $5
TOTAL: $107

Might be most appropriate for a concert???
Definitely NOT for work!

Sassy Shorts

Sassy Shorts

Sassy Shorts — these were an impulse buy and while I’m not totally sold on the look, hey, it’s a very real option in my life for venturing out in the city this summer!  Find the ORIGINAL LOOK HERE.

My take:
Black Blazer – Forever 21 – $7 (clearance)
Black Blouse – Forever 21 – $15
Black Abstract Shorts – Forever 21 – $25
Black Pumps – BCBG – $30
(via Burlington Coat Factory)
TOTAL: $77

Again, not for work, but maybe for fun?!

Simple Basics

Simple Basics

Simple Basics – not going to lie, I love this.  So fresh, so sparkly, yet so classic and simple!  Find the ORIGINAL LOOK HERE and here.

My take:
Navy Blazer – Forever 21 – $9 (clearance)
Sequin Tank – Old Navy – $15
White Skinny Jeans – Forever 21 – $15
Nude Pumps – BCBG – $30
(via Marshalls)
TOTAL:  $69

Totally office appropriate!  Great for a day/night with the girls.  Just love it.


Camo Cool

Camo Cool

Camo Cool.  I am LOVING this classic upgrade to camo!  Find the ORIGINAL LOOK HERE.  While everyone I know gave me all kinds of noise for buying this camo t, I cannot wait to wear this outfit!

My take:
Black Blazer – Forever 21 – $7 (clearance)
Camo T – Target – $12
Black Ankle Skinnies – Forever 21 – $10
Black Pumps – BCBG – $30
(via Burlington Coat Factory)
TOTAL:  $59

Going to test the waters with this look soon and I can’t wait!

Fashion Icon

Fashion Icon

Fashion Icon.  Rachel Zoe.  How can you not be more iconic when knocking off Rachel Zoe?!  I die.  Find the ORIGINAL LOOK HERE.  This sequin jacket/blazer is quickly becoming a go-to in my life.  True story.

My take:
Black Sequin Blazer – Tobi – $49
White T – Target – $7 (clearance)
Citizens of Humanity Jeans – Ditto Kansas City – $50
(consignment — sorry!!)
Black Platform Sandals – unknown – $7
(via Ross)
TOTAL:  $113


In the words of Rachel Zoe… “Bananas.”  And I tend to agree with her.  Naturally.

Shop my closet for these looks here and my shoes for these looks here.  Have you tried any “Pinned it, Spinned it” looks?!  Tag me @NicoleRay719 on Instagram so I can see your looks!

Stay stylish my friends!


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