If you ask a kid about his ants…

Some of you may recall I have favorite kids… Like Mr. I-Can’t-Keep-Quiet-EVER who I first mentioned here.

And while I KNOW I’m not supposed to have favorites, let’s just accept life and move on.

Typical day in the life of an SLP, just traipsing down the hall to get my group of kids from their classroom.  Mr. I-Can’t-Keep-Quiet-EVER sees me at his classroom door and squirms, shimmies, jimmies, his way to get in line.  He LITERALLY could not stand still without looking like he was experiencing a cross between a dry heave and full body convulsions in every muscle.

Me:  Mr. I-Can’t-Keep-Quiet-EVER!  WHAT is going on?!
Mr. I-Can’t-Keep-Quiet-EVER:  What?  Huh?
(continuing his constant motion to rival the speed of light)
Me:  Why can’t you keep still?  Do you have ants in your pants?
Mr. I-Can’t-Keep-Quiet-EVER:  Oh!  Maybe?
(unzips his pants) — I Swear to you I’m not making this up
Me:  Mr. I-Can’t-Keep-Quiet-EVER!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!
Mr. I-Can’t-Keep-Quiet-EVER:  I’m letting the ants out…  (with a total look of DUH on his face)

It was all I could do to keep from laughing hysterically in front of him; though in my head, full on hyena cackling was ensuing…

Me:  Mr. I-Can’t-Keep-Quiet-EVER just shake them out the bottom of your pants…
Mr. I-Can’t-Keep-Quiet-EVER:  They gots a long way to go, I got long legs.

So the next time you ask a kid about his ants, be forewarned, he may unzip his pants.

Love & laughter….


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