Skincare Essentials – Dry/Sensitive

I’ll just come right out and say it. I was somehow magically blessed with beautiful, clear skin. I’m not sure how I managed to escape the wrath that my brothers and sisters endured (very oily, very acne-prone skin). I’ll attribute this miracle to my mother’s side of the family as most of them seem to have clear skin.

I experimented throughout high school and college with different face care products and what not, never really sticking to any routine. I would typically wash my face with my body wash – yes you heard right, my body wash. I didn’t exfoliate or regularly wear moisturizer, and I’m pretty sure I got my first zit in college and was probably traumatized. Now, I do have fair skin and I burn easily, especially on my nose, but I can also tan (and have the freckles to prove it). And throughout the years through all my product testing I’ve discovered that my face is pretty damn sensitive to just about anything I put on it. Which is why for so long I just didn’t go out of my way to find products that worked for me, because doing nothing seemed to be working.

As I get older, however, I am noticing that my skin isn’t the same anymore. It’s become more sensitive to things, I break out if I apply the wrong products, and I seem to be getting dryer and dryer by the minute. I started using Carmex Hydrating Lotion about 3 years ago as my every day facial moisturizer as it was the only thing that helped with my dry skin and didn’t irritate me. I’ve also noticed my skin becoming more and more uneven, which is why about 3 months ago I decided I needed to start wearing foundation for the first time in my life to even out my skin tone. In other words I opened a huge can of worms.

So how does one find the best products out there? YouTube of course. I entered the dangerous world of YouTube reviews, Vlogs, first impressions, etc. This spiral downward into “what foundation is the best for me?” “foundation, bb cream, cc cream, tinted moisturizer?!” “what shade am I?” “it worked for so and so, so it must work for me!” and so on has cost me a bunch of money and has really done a number on my face. I sit here today with a dry and irritated face, not any more evened out than when I started. It’s been a joy (I say dripping with sarcasm). Why I continue to torture myself with trying new things out is beyond me, but call me determined.


In all of my trials I have found a few products that work for me. I’m still adding/adapting my “routine” but for now these are my essentials:

  • Simple Moisturizing Face Wash – $8.99
    This stuff has been a godsend. I’ve only been using it for a little over a month now but I’m pretty sure I’m a lifer. I use this just about every day and I’ve noticed my skin doesn’t feel as dry when I get out of the shower.  It doesn’t burn my skin like most face washes do, and like all the Simple products, it is unscented. If you’ve used any Simple products you know they are tailored to people with sensitive skin (aka me). If you have sensitive skin I recommend giving this a try.
  • Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub – $7.99
    I have had my current bottle of this for like 2 years, I swear. I had pushed this to the back of my “waiting to be used up” closet and forgotten about it until about a week ago. I decided to add this back into my routine as I like it for a once a week kind of exfoliator and to remove any dead skin cells. I suffer from milia on my face, and am hoping this will help eliminate it. It has the little beads and I have to be careful when using this as sometimes the beads irritate my face, but overall this product is great to add into a sensitive skin routine.
  • Simple Replenishing Moisturizer – $14.99
    Are you beginning to notice a trend? I’ve pretty much jumped on the Simple bandwagon! So when my Carmex Hydrating Lotion started to fail me as the weather got warmer (aka make me feel like a grease monkey), I decided to try this. This has a bit of a thick consistency but it does absorb well. For me a little goes a long way though so no need to slather this on. I don’t like to put this on before bed because I feel like overnight it makes my face oily and it doesn’t absorb as well. I apply this every morning before putting on my makeup and I think it does a pretty good job of keeping my face hydrated throughout the day.
  • Carmex Hydrating Lotion – $5.99
    I LOVE this lotion, especially in the winter. As I said above it’s been my go-to facial moisturizer for over 3 years now. It’s not technically designed to be a face moisturizer but it’s what works for my really dry, sensitive skin. It does have a little bit of a scent to it but I like it, and the scent doesn’t linger after it’s rubbed in. Again, a little of this goes a long way on your face. If you apply too much then it can get greasy, and I wouldn’t recommend using this on your face in humid conditions.

As you can see, I don’t use any acne products in my skincare routine. I only really break out around my lady time of the month and if I use products that my skin hates, so when this happens I just continue on with my routine until they go away. I can’t use a lot of acne fighting products out there because they burn my face and make my skin even drier and more irritated. If anyone has any suggestions on some that work for their dry/sensitive skin though please let me know!


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