My Journey: Tone It Up – Bikini Series!

With a mini vacay coming up at the end of May where I’ll be slapping on a swimsuit for the first time this year, I thought to myself “oh boy, here we go again.” I have done a pretty good job the past 5 years maintaining my weight by diet alone, but my ever growing love of food (anything fried=my bff), beer, and the fact that I’m now married has started to catch up with me. While I don’t think I need to lose weight necessarily, I am looking to tone and define what I already have going on (if I lose some weight – woo!), as well as just develop better eating habits and a regular workout routine.

Screen-Shot-2014-04-16-at-12.12.21-AM-708x500Enter the Tone It Up Bikini Series. This once a year program/challenge that leads up to the first day of summer, put on by the lovely #TIU trainers Karena and Katrina, is jam packed with workouts, health tips, recipes, and lots of inspiring and motivating women around the world to help you through the eight-week challenge. I already do some of the TIU workouts but have never done a challenge before, and when I heard about this one, I waited in anticipation for it to kick off.

The challenge officially started on April 28 and will end on June 21. I’ll admit that it has already been hard for me to commit to the workouts, with commuting, work, life, etc. getting in the way. My husband is being super supportive of the diet portion but it’s up to me to hold myself accountable and get a workout in each day. I find inspiration from the other TIU girls that I follow on Instragram, and even joined the TIU community where I can connect with people in my area for more support. While it’s been a slow start, I’m hoping to see some results.

My Goals

  •  Tone my midsection, thighs and arms (but mostly my thighs because I am most self conscious about them)
  •  Develop better eating habits and reach for healthier snacking options
  •  Hydrate properly. This includes cutting out my go-to beverage: Diet Coke and soda in general (I am so sad about this)
  •  Hold myself accountable and follow through on a promise I’ve made to myself

While my goals might not seem like much, I am a repeat offender of pretending to commit to something and then going doing it half assed or making up an excuse to get out of following through.

Built into the Bikini Series are small challenges like #CreateYourSummer, 100 by summer, or a vision board. Probably the biggest challenge within the challenge for me is this: my before photo. So here it goes, I’m totally putting myself out there and this is a huge deal for me, but if I’m going to really commit, this is what I have to do! As my BFF pointed out, this is about accountability and motivation, not embarrassment (thanks Charlie <3)

photo (1)

Join me on Instagram as I chronicle my journey through the Bikini Series and check out my Pinterest as I post recipes and workouts that are helping me. And if you’re doing the challenge yourself – good for you! Let’s connect and hold each other accountable 🙂


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