Savvy shopping OOTD!

Here’s the run down on all my “outfit of the day” for the week of April 28 – May 2.  The #springclosetremix and #marvelousmaystyle Instagram challenges both started on Thursday (May 1) and oh boy, it’s gonna be a fun stylin’ time to the finish!

I’m what some call a “cheap” shopper… but I prefer to see it as being “savvy”.  I shop sales, clearances, with coupons, and I LOVE me some consignment stores!!  It’s important to know that regardless of trends, you have to $$ INVEST $$ in classic pieces, fits, and basics in order to have a closet you can mix and match at will, regardless of the season!

My mom tried teaching me this my entire life but I don’t think I really “got it” until the past year.  Thankfully, the “classic look” has come full circle and is now pretty big in fashion.  But hey, the classics never really go out of style.  Hence the name “classics” (duh).  You really don’t have to invest a ton of money though in order to build your classic/basic style.  Look at fit, look at quality.  I’ll be honest, some of my favorite pieces have come from Forever 21 and Target.

Will they last me a lifetime?
Do they wear and wash well for over 2+ years now?

This week I took a job which will now require me to wear a uniform 5 days a week.  I’ll be honest, a part of me cried inside knowing I won’t get to “play dressup” every day… But I digress!

On to the outfits!

photo1 (12)

I LOVE GREEN!!!  And yes, this little blazer is on CONSTANT rotation in my life.

Maxi Dress:  Max Studio via TJ Maxx – $40
(I paid $15 after gift card from a friend)
Blazer:  Forever 21 clearance – $7
Necklace:  Dillards clearance – $10
Sandals:  Ross Dress for Less – $7

TOTAL:  $39



photo2 (6)

I’ll be honest, I did not/do not like this outfit.  It looked better in my head.  But when you’re constantly running late, you quit over analyzing after the first 30 minutes you wasted.

Blouse:  Express – $30
(LOVE this blouse to pieces)
Skinny Pants:  Target clearance – $9
(The brocade sold me… it really did)
Booties:  Target – $35

TOTAL:  $74


photo3 (5)

It was my kids elementary music program so EVERYONE wore their reading day shirts and other school wear.

School T-shirt:  no brand – $10
School Hoody:  no brand – $25
(Really?  You had to pick prisoner jumpsuit orange as a school color???)

Jeans:  Citizens of Humanity via consignment – $35
Tennis Shoes:  Brooks via DSW Clearance – $20

TOTAL:  $80

I’m probably the only person who hates wearing stuff like this to work; it makes me feel dirty and lethargic.  I’m weird, yes, I know.


Thursday started the #springclosetremix (aka – no buying new clothes in the month of May) & #marvelousmaystyle (daily themes you must dress to with what’s in your closet)… Here we go!

photo4 (4)
Day 1:  “Make a Statement”
My statement:  I’m a tough/strong girl that loves bling as much as proving the nay-sayers wrong!  HOO-RAH!

White V-neck T:  Target clearance – $7
Skinny Jeans:  Forever 21 clearance – $7
Camo Military Jacket:  Old Navy – $35
Shoes:  Steve Madden via DSW Clearance – $35
Necklace:  Dillards clearance – $10

TOTAL:  $94


photo1 (13)

Day 2:  “Safari Chic”

Leopard Sheath Dress:  Forever 21 via consignment – $3
Blazer:  Forever 21 clearance – $7
(twice in a week; told you it was on rotation!)
Shoes:  BCBG via Burlington Coat Factory – $30
Necklace:  Target clearance – $5

TOTAL:  $45


Where’s your favorite place to buy items you just LOVE???

Determined not to shop for clothes…


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