L’oreal Collection Privee ~ Doutzen Nude (Review)

Well, I for one had no idea this collection existed.  Apparently, the end of the school year sucked me into a black hole of paperwork and IEPs that left no room for new makeup, or even rumors of new pretties!

Wandering through Ulta aimlessly on Mother’s Day (since my momma lives 18 hours away — but I was on the phone with her), I found this BEAUTIFUL L’oreal nude pink and I fell in love.

The collection itself has 6 nude shades of varying tones, each endorsed by a beautiful female celebrity.  Obviously, the shade I chose – “Doutzen Nude” – is endorsed by Dutch model/actress/Victoria’s Secret Angel, Doutzen Kroes.

I’ve worn it everyday since I’ve bought it so I thought I’d do a little review!
(Humor me, this is my first post like this.)


Ulta had a price of $8.99.  If you’re a rewards member, (and you ALL should be!), you know there’s always a 20% off or $3.50 off $10.00 purchase coupon floating around or on the app.  On this particular shopping day, I had 20% off so my final cost for this lovely lipstick was $7.19.  Meh, fairly standard for a lippie!

Can I just say, L’oreal has finally stepped up their game on the packaging route.   At least for this particular line.  It’s a matte black with gold writing and accents.  A+, L’oreal, A+.

Me and my nudes, I know.  I love them far too much.  And this nude is a fantastic shade of flat pink with a mauve base.  However, on the lips it is much more sheer and almost has a frosty sheen to it.  Normally this would have severely annoyed me.  But since we are in spring/summer now (depending on where you live), I feel like this is a great day time shade that will look wonderful on fair skin girls as well as those with a tan.  But that’s just my non-makeup artist opinion.

This lipstick feels amazing when it goes on!  Very creamy, smooth; just all around wonderful on the lips.  I’ve noticed it has pretty decent staying power as well.  Being so sheer/neutral, its not overtly obvious when it starts to wear off.  I haven’t really noticed it to have a drying effect on my lips either…  Always a positive in my book!

All in all I have to say I’ve found a new favorite lipstick for the coming spring/summer seasons!

Has anyone else tried this line or found a shade they love for summer?

Lippie Love,


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