Style Challenges – Week 2

And the #springclosetremix and #marvelousmaystyle challenges continue!

I’ve got to say, I really haven’t missed not buying new clothes.  These challenges have actually challenged me to love what I have, think critically about how to save money, and have fun with what I own.  While all of that seems so “DUH”... I needed the reality check.

Shopping has become an escape and I started using clothes and spending money as a way to hide.

Pathetic, but hey, I’m being honest.

In the next month I’ll be making a rather large life change – returning to a field in my career that I left long ago (and it has changed DRAMATICALLY since I left 3.5 years ago), moving to a new city and an actual townhouse (vs. my apartment living since 2006), and working with a demographic that no longer allows me to dress as I please.

So these challenges, as superficial as they may seem, have kind of eased me into the adjustment of not shopping anymore.

 I will ALWAYS love shopping and clothes, I am a Southern girl after all.

But now I’m exploring new avenues of interest.  And it’s been a blast!

Ok, so, now back to my point after that rambling tangent into oblivion…. Here’s how my second week looked on the Instagram style challenges!

SUNDAY – “Mother Knows Best”


Dress – Dillards clearance – $33
My momma picked out this dress years ago and I have NEVER worn it.
I don’t frequent fancy places and I couldn’t tell you the last time I went on a date.
I’ve certainly NEVER been on a fancy date!

Shoes – DWS clearance – $15





MONDAY – “I’ve Got the Blues”


Blazer – Target clearance – $17.50
It’s navy, I swear.
T-shirt – Old Navy Daily Deal – $5
It’s navy & white stripe, 3/4 sleeve.
Distressed Jeans – Forever 21 via consignment – $12
Ditto Kansas City in Overland Park (consignment store)
Shoes – Coverse via DSW – $40
Necklace – Purple Peridot – $28

I was debating on an Essie color for my Manicure… Top won.  “Bikini So Teeny”



TUESDAY – “Minty Fresh”


Skinny Jeggings – Walmart – $12
V-neck T-shirt – Target clearance – $7
Long Cardigan – Target – $30
It’s SO soft!!
Shoes – Steve Madden via DSW – $35
Necklace – Target clearance – $10






WEDNESDAY – “White Wednesday”


White & Gray Stripe Blazer – Target clearance – $17.48
Black V-neck – Target clearance – $7
White Skinnies – Forever 21 – $12.80
Shoes – Steve Madden via DSW- $30
NOT COMFORTABLE!  They rubbed across my toes all day!
Necklace – Target sale – $15





THURSDAY – “Thrifted Thursday”

 photo1 (2)

I LOVED this day of the challenge!  It’s no secret that I LOVE consignment stores!

Button Down – Abercrombie & Fitch via consignment – $8
Ditto Kansas City in the Northland (consignment store)
Skinny Jeans – J. Brand via consignment – $38
Ditto Kansas City in the Northland (consignment store)
Hands down the BEST jeans I have EVER purchased.
Gold Glitter flats – Guess via consignment – $30
Ditto Kansas City in the Lawrence (consignment store)
These were BRAND NEW when I purchased them.
Blazer – Ralph Lauren via consignment – $12
Ditto Kansas City in the Northland (consignment store)


FRIDAY – “Life to the Maxi”

photo2 (1)

I struggle to find maxi dresses that I don’t have to hem.  Let’s be honest, Sweet Brown was right — “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

Dress – Max Studio via TJ MAxx- $40
A gift card brought it down to $20 🙂
White Moto Jacket – Forever 21 – $27
Sandals – Guess via Ross – $28
Bling cluster – Purple Peridot – $28
This is seriously THE BEST place to get “inspired” jewelry.  
Great prices, affordable shipping, and wonderful quality.


Excited for what next week’s challenges bring….


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