Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara – Review

And the saga continues (gasp) — Oily Eyes.  Again, my horror.  Due to having deep set eyes and oily skin, I’ve never been able to wear liner or mascara on the bottom lashes without looking like I’m ready for Halloween or a goth concert by noon.

Super cute.

However, I decided to give this little tiny baby a try.  The cuteness… I die!  SO adorable.

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

 photo1 (1)

THE CLAIMS:  This was taken directly from the Clinique website.

  • Now bottom lashes get in on the action with a brush engineered for tiny tasks and a formula that resists smears. Pair it with any mascara on top, and watch what happens. A full 90-day supply.

After a week of non-stop wear, they are NOT KIDDING!!

SIZE:  So very TINY!!!  Both the tube, and the brush.  The tube is able the length of my finger; the brush is the size of half a finger nail.

COST:  $10.00 at Clinique, Sephora, Ulta, etc.  However, you can use your Ulta rewards (not coupons) toward the price!

COLOR:  BLACKEST BLACK.  Granted, I bought “black” so there’s that.

APPLICATION:  I would suggest wiping off as much excess product as you can on the lip of the tube.  Then apply ONLY one coat; bottom lashes ONLY.  I found out I had very, very long bottom eye lashes and now with this mascara — I have that wide-eyed look deep set eye girls round the world crave.

WEAR:  They are not kidding about the formula being smudge resistant.  Despite my history with my skin type and eyes, this mascara totally survived the day and I still looked put together til deep into the evening hours (5pm with a 6am application).

Love it!  You’ve got to try this wee little wonder out!    

Loving my lashes…


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