Josie Maran Argan Skin Care

If we are being honest, I’ll have to admit that I’m a little more than partial to this line of skin care.

Jaclyn Hill & Nicole Guerriero got me hooked when they started talking about using the 100% Argan Oil (regular & light versions) as part of their night time skin care routines.

As a combo-prone-to-oily skin girl, I said there was no way I was putting an OIL on my face, on purpose. But then I realized, my skin went into to oil production hyperdrive when it was dry. So putting an oil directly on my skin, would, in essence, trick my skin into believing it already had what it needed and therefore not produce more of the dreaded oil that plagued me day in and day out.

The result? Perfection. Over time my skin balanced out from being full on oil rig to being dewy, clear, and soft. No more dry patches, no more oil slicks throughout the day, no more makeup breaking up as the hours dragged on.

And with that, Ms. Josie Maran became my skin care BFF.

My shopping downfall, aka HauteLook, featured Ms. Josie Maran and her products in April and it was toot, toot all aboard THATtrain to WonderTown!

I purchased a mini radiance set (skin, hair, whipped body butter), the argan balm, and the argan brightening face balm. The last two will be reviewed today…

ARGAN BALM— what a cute, tiny little tin! PERFECT for keeping in my purse or travel bag in place of lotion. The 1.0 ounce tin has a screw top (so much nicer than opening your bag to lotion that has exploded from its squeeze tube).

It is a solid and does have to be worked over with your fingers a little bit to “melt” it down to apply to the skin. The tin claims it will “nourish and protect”. And so far, it does every bit of that. I use this all over my legs after I shave and rub it into my cuticles. All day moisture and not a stitch of greasy residue ALL DAY.

My only complaint, and it’s totally a first world problem, I find it difficult to get out more than an amount to coat my finger tips. (I’m being petty, I know.) A little goes a lot farther than I expected.

ARGAN BRIGHTENING FACE BALM— I had some real reservations about this product. As the summer begins and the humidity settles upon me (highlight of my life, let me tell you), I worried this product would make me look like I walked out of Gas Monkey Garage as a grease monkey. But, I’ll admit. Hasn’t been an issue!

It comes in an adorable rose gold compact with a mini brush. I wasn’t a fan of the brush at first but after a few tries, I think it spreads the product very evenly and in a thin layer over my skin. I apply it ALL over my face, that may not be for everyone. I use it over moisturizer on days when I’m giving my skin a breather as well as using it under makeup.

My makeup is unaffected by this shimmering, brightening layer of product. Truly. My skin looks radiant and dewy, all day. I didn’t notice any negative affect from the product throughout the day.

Love both of these products!

Josie Maran, you’ve outdone yourself!

Argan oil love from my computer to yours…





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