Review: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Natural Nude Eye Shadow & Liner

So when I saw this line of Physicians Formula nude eye shadow palettes on the Nouveau Cheap blog I was super excited to try them! She did a great comparison of them to the Urban Decay Naked shadows and being the cheapskate that I am, decided I would buy these instead of splurging on the real things.

There are four different shade packs to choose from, but I settled on the Natural Nude Eyes palette:



Other palettes are: Classic Nude Eyes, Warm Nude Eyes, Smokey Nude Eyes.

I really like the colors in the palette and each has a shimmer to it. There is a little brush included in the packaging (how cute is the lace packaging btw?!), which I didn’t test out. I’ve used the palette multiple times in the past few weeks that I’ve owned it and have to say that overall this is a product fail for me 😦 While the colors are great and exactly what I’m looking for, I have a few complaints.

  1. Payout is weak: the colors just aren’t very pigmented and I found myself really pushing hard with my brush to try to dig more color of of the palette. No matter how much I applied I felt like all you could see was a slight shimmer and never a distinguishable color.
  2. Not enough of a difference between colors: this is probably due to the weak pigmentation but I can barely tell the difference between some of these once they’re applied. I didn’t swatch all of them for you, but you can see swatches for each on the Nouveau’s blog post above.
  3. The colors are too close together: I’ve seen many people complain about this. The colors are so close together that unless you use a smaller brush, you risk combining two colors in one sweep. This isn’t a huge deal but just a pet peeve.

I did try these shadows both with and without an eye primer and didn’t see much of a difference. I’ll keep working with this palette as I do love the colors and see if I can’t find some better ways for the colors to distinguish themselves. Maybe I’ll pick up the Classic Nude Palette if I find it on sale as it was a big toss up between that one and the one that I purchased.

Have you tried these shadows? If so, what was your impression of them?




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