Formula 10.0.6 – Pore Strips & Mask REVIEW

Well well well.

It’s been a been a minute…  Moving and a career change have sapped ALL my attention (and money).  But now that all the boxes are unpacked and the routines have been established, I got to go:


The change in humidity is doing a NUMBER on my skin and hair.  So in my latest ULTA haul, I went a little product crazy.

The recent return to sunscreen has left my skin feeling completely “gunked up” even after it has been washed.  So I was in the market for a new mask and some pore strips, since I’ve never used them.  I’ve heard a lot of people raving about the “Pores Be Pure” mask from Formula 10.0.6 (a branch of Bonne Bell – yeah, the one with all the crazy cool chapsticks from childhood!).   Lucky for me they had a box of pore strips with two trial packets of their much raved about mask for $5.99.  Score one for me!

I started with a clean face, washed with Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Wash – a long time favorite.  Then applied the Down to the Pores Blackhead Banishing Pore Strips with Tea Tree Oil & Kaolin.  I’ll admit, the Tea Tree Oil smell was quite intense!  Of course it wore off after a few minutes.  I left the strip on for 15 minutes and it was kind of a battle to get it off.  I should have moistened it a little but I did get it off and to my joy, it really did pull gunk out of my pores!

I then rinsed my face with warm water to wash away any residue from the strip since it was so stiff to remove.

photo1 (2)

Next, I followed up with an application of the Pores Be Pure Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask with Strawberry + Yarrow.  The following is just my opinion of the mask:

–          Very easy to apply (I used my fingers, but probably should have used a brush)

–          HOLY INITIAL BURNING SENSATION, BATMAN!!!  This mask gave me a burning sensation I did NOT expect, but it only lasted about 2 minutes then subsided.  Just WHOA at first…

–          I love the smell!  Very fresh & fruity!!

–          You only need a thin layer.

–          Washes away with warm water with just a little bit of scrubbing.

–          My skin looked very fresh and felt so clean afterwards!

A word of warning for anyone with skin that easily dries out… Definitely follow up with a heavy moisturizer.  This mask is meant for oily skin, and it WILL suck the oil out so be sure to follow up so you don’t strip your skin and send it into oil production overdrive.  Personally, I’ll only be able to use these products once a week to avoid over-drying my skin, even though it’s very oily with all this humidity.  I prefer my skin to be balanced, not in a cycle of “dry – SUPER OILY – kinda dry – maybe oily – DRY’

For $5.99, I’m really impressed!  Ulta had the line on sale Buy one, Get one 50% off and of course you can apply the store coupons/credits to the purchase.

Has anyone else used these two products or have any Spa Sunday recommendations???

Sunscreen & summer days to all…
~ Charlie


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