About Us

Sam & Charlie
We met in college in 2004 when we rushed the same sorority and became pledge sisters. It wasn’t until the next year when we moved in with one another that we became best friends. Thus began a beautiful friendship filled with lots of laughter, a few tears, some crazy adventures, and most importantly an understanding that we would always be there for one another, no matter what. Even though we no longer live near each other, let alone in the same time zone, we continue to be way too dependent on one another. Since we both have degrees in a form of communication (Sam – public relations; Charlie – communication disorders), we tend to live through a stream of consciousness across the many miles that separate us.  #codependent


After graduating college I moved to California to be with my then boyfriend and follow my dreams of working for a big PR firm. While that’s still a dream of mine, I currently work in marketing for a large general contractor in San Francisco. I ended up marrying my boyfriend in October 2013, and while we don’t know where life will take us next, for now we’re hanging out in Northern California!

My obsessions include: my iPhone, cell phone cases, sparkly things (especially shoes), jeans, sunshine, french tip gel manicures, Diet Coke, Instagram, YouTube tutorials/product reviews, Amazon, Shocktop Honeycrisp Apple Wheat beer, shopping, and my friends/family. Oh, and I have a serious girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence.

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Just a Southern girl that has followed her career from the Midwest, to the South, and back again!  As a speech-language pathologist with two degrees in Communication Disorders, I’ve learned that nothing could ever prepare me for what will come out of the mouths of babes, or geriatrics for that matter.  While it’s easy to get bogged down in details and the day-to-day “ho hum”… it’s the most important to always remember to be happy, healthy, and THANKFUL for the life you have been blessed with!

Highlights:  family, friends, my furbaby – Edith, the thrill of the hunt (aka shopping), moving onward and upward!

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