Review: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Natural Nude Eye Shadow & Liner

So when I saw this line of Physicians Formula nude eye shadow palettes on the Nouveau Cheap blog I was super excited to try them! She did a great comparison of them to the Urban Decay Naked shadows and being the cheapskate that I am, decided I would buy these instead of splurging on the real things.

There are four different shade packs to choose from, but I settled on the Natural Nude Eyes palette:



Other palettes are: Classic Nude Eyes, Warm Nude Eyes, Smokey Nude Eyes.

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May I Present My Favorites?

Hello everyone! First of all I want to start off by saying shame on me for ignoring the blog for the past few weeks – I’ve been busy with life/work/traveling/Tone It Up-ing, but that’s no excuse! I’m making a promise to myself to get back into blogging about the things I like and enjoy because it just makes me happy 🙂

Now that that’s out of the way…MAY FAVORITES!!

I have been waiting all month to share some of my favorites with you all. Some oldies but goodies made it onto the list this month and of course I already have some great things saved up for June favorites…but you’ll have to wait for those! Without further adieu, I present to you, my favorites for the month of May:

photo 1

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April Favorites!!

Holy cow, can we please talk about how fast 2014 is going?!? I cannot believe it is May already and almost half way to 2015. Time flies when you’re….bust with life!

Anyways…April was a pretty good month for me, not gonna lie. My skin has finally settled down, I’ve found some great products that are really helping me in my day to day routine, I got a promotion and a raise at work!! I also started the Tone It Up Bikini Series, which kicked off on April 28 (see my blog post and follow my journey on Instagram!).

I already have some favorites in mind for May, but first my April favorites!
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My Journey: Tone It Up – Bikini Series!

With a mini vacay coming up at the end of May where I’ll be slapping on a swimsuit for the first time this year, I thought to myself “oh boy, here we go again.” I have done a pretty good job the past 5 years maintaining my weight by diet alone, but my ever growing love of food (anything fried=my bff), beer, and the fact that I’m now married has started to catch up with me. While I don’t think I need to lose weight necessarily, I am looking to tone and define what I already have going on (if I lose some weight – woo!), as well as just develop better eating habits and a regular workout routine.

Screen-Shot-2014-04-16-at-12.12.21-AM-708x500Enter the Tone It Up Bikini Series. This once a year program/challenge that leads up to the first day of summer, put on by the lovely #TIU trainers Karena and Katrina, is jam packed with workouts, health tips, recipes, and lots of inspiring and motivating women around the world to help you through the eight-week challenge. I already do some of the TIU workouts but have never done a challenge before, and when I heard about this one, I waited in anticipation for it to kick off.

The challenge officially started on April 28 and will end on June 21. I’ll admit that it has already been hard for me to commit to the workouts, with commuting, work, life, etc. getting in the way. My husband is being super supportive of the diet portion but it’s up to me to hold myself accountable and get a workout in each day. I find inspiration from the other TIU girls that I follow on Instragram, and even joined the TIU community where I can connect with people in my area for more support. While it’s been a slow start, I’m hoping to see some results.

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First Impression – Ulta Illuminating BB Cream

As you know I’m on a kick right now to find the best product to even out my skin tone without making my crazy sensitive skin go insane. Confession time: I had never shopped at Ulta before! There aren’t really any close to where I work or live and I had never heard of them until Charlie told me about them. I decided to throw caution to the wind and order some products online. Happy day when I received these awesome new finds in the mail!

photo 1

Ulta BB Cream, Stila HD Beauty Balm Trio, Ulta Double Duty Foundation, Physicians Formula CC+

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Skincare Essentials – Dry/Sensitive

I’ll just come right out and say it. I was somehow magically blessed with beautiful, clear skin. I’m not sure how I managed to escape the wrath that my brothers and sisters endured (very oily, very acne-prone skin). I’ll attribute this miracle to my mother’s side of the family as most of them seem to have clear skin.

I experimented throughout high school and college with different face care products and what not, never really sticking to any routine. I would typically wash my face with my body wash – yes you heard right, my body wash. I didn’t exfoliate or regularly wear moisturizer, and I’m pretty sure I got my first zit in college and was probably traumatized. Now, I do have fair skin and I burn easily, especially on my nose, but I can also tan (and have the freckles to prove it). And throughout the years through all my product testing I’ve discovered that my face is pretty damn sensitive to just about anything I put on it. Which is why for so long I just didn’t go out of my way to find products that worked for me, because doing nothing seemed to be working.

As I get older, however, I am noticing that my skin isn’t the same anymore. It’s become more sensitive to things, I break out if I apply the wrong products, and I seem to be getting dryer and dryer by the minute. I started using Carmex Hydrating Lotion about 3 years ago as my every day facial moisturizer as it was the only thing that helped with my dry skin and didn’t irritate me. I’ve also noticed my skin becoming more and more uneven, which is why about 3 months ago I decided I needed to start wearing foundation for the first time in my life to even out my skin tone. In other words I opened a huge can of worms.

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Trying for Comfort – Outfits of The Week

I usually go into each work week thinking to myself that this will be the week that I wear all my “professional” looking clothes! That I won’t wear any jeans (except on Friday – duh) and I’ll “dress for the job I want.” But once I hit hump day things went downhill! Let me just say that my job allows me to dress pretty much how I want, except I shouldn’t show up in yoga pants and a sweatshirt like I want to every day. Our policy is “Business Casual,” but that’s so up for interpretation as to what constitutes “business” and “casual” that it’s hard sometimes to not fall back on my basics like a soft v-neck tee and skinny jeans. My motto is if I have to question whether or not something is work appropriate than it probably isn’t and I shouldn’t wear it.

Anyways!! Here are my outfits for this second week of April!

*Disclaimer: please excuse all the weird angles of my photos this week – I am trying to find the best place to take my photos that don’t show a lot of background!

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