Style Challenges – Week 2

And the #springclosetremix and #marvelousmaystyle challenges continue!

I’ve got to say, I really haven’t missed not buying new clothes.  These challenges have actually challenged me to love what I have, think critically about how to save money, and have fun with what I own.  While all of that seems so “DUH”... I needed the reality check.

Shopping has become an escape and I started using clothes and spending money as a way to hide.

Pathetic, but hey, I’m being honest.

In the next month I’ll be making a rather large life change – returning to a field in my career that I left long ago (and it has changed DRAMATICALLY since I left 3.5 years ago), moving to a new city and an actual townhouse (vs. my apartment living since 2006), and working with a demographic that no longer allows me to dress as I please.

So these challenges, as superficial as they may seem, have kind of eased me into the adjustment of not shopping anymore.

 I will ALWAYS love shopping and clothes, I am a Southern girl after all.

But now I’m exploring new avenues of interest.  And it’s been a blast!

Ok, so, now back to my point after that rambling tangent into oblivion…. Here’s how my second week looked on the Instagram style challenges!

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OOTD following TWO style challenges

In my last OOTD post, I mentioned the #springclosetremix & #marvelousmaystyle challenges happening on Instagram.  This month is also a “No Buying Clothes” challenge month.  That last challenge is tough for me, but I can honestly say I’ve stuck with it for 9 straight days and that’s quite a feat for me!  Maybe I’ll kick this shopping addiction after all these challenges!

Maybe… but not likely.

Here’s out my week looked:

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Savvy shopping OOTD!

Here’s the run down on all my “outfit of the day” for the week of April 28 – May 2.  The #springclosetremix and #marvelousmaystyle Instagram challenges both started on Thursday (May 1) and oh boy, it’s gonna be a fun stylin’ time to the finish!

I’m what some call a “cheap” shopper… but I prefer to see it as being “savvy”.  I shop sales, clearances, with coupons, and I LOVE me some consignment stores!!  It’s important to know that regardless of trends, you have to $$ INVEST $$ in classic pieces, fits, and basics in order to have a closet you can mix and match at will, regardless of the season!

My mom tried teaching me this my entire life but I don’t think I really “got it” until the past year.  Thankfully, the “classic look” has come full circle and is now pretty big in fashion.  But hey, the classics never really go out of style.  Hence the name “classics” (duh).  You really don’t have to invest a ton of money though in order to build your classic/basic style.  Look at fit, look at quality.  I’ll be honest, some of my favorite pieces have come from Forever 21 and Target.

Will they last me a lifetime?
Do they wear and wash well for over 2+ years now?

This week I took a job which will now require me to wear a uniform 5 days a week.  I’ll be honest, a part of me cried inside knowing I won’t get to “play dressup” every day… But I digress!

On to the outfits!
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4 OOTD for the 4 Day Week!

This is the time of year when every educator rejoices:  SPRING.  BREAK.

Unfortunately that only means 1 day off for me — Good Friday.  We had our week long break a month ago.  But hey, I’ll take my one day & kick my shoes off in a fit of joy!

Rocked these looks on my short week:

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Pinterest —> Real Life Interest

Truth time:  My name is Charlie and I spend WAY too much time browsing  “Women’s Fashion” on Pinterest.

I said it.  
This should redeem me of all my “wasted” time.

Though, I have to admit:

I want to know where these fabulous women live, work, and breathe!!!

I’ve lived in 5 different states in 5 years with my career and can I just say I’ve come across ONE WOMAN who looks like a walking Pinterest board everyday???

Note: this woman did not buy her own clothes, her husband did. (My jaw is still on the floor). But she styled them daily and always said she hated shopping and fashion. She was a rare breed that was just fashionable by genetic (and marriage) default. #luckyduck

So, I figured I would try to emulate the looks of the women whose clothes/pins/pinboards inspire me!

Here’s how it all turned out:

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Trying for Comfort – Outfits of The Week

I usually go into each work week thinking to myself that this will be the week that I wear all my “professional” looking clothes! That I won’t wear any jeans (except on Friday – duh) and I’ll “dress for the job I want.” But once I hit hump day things went downhill! Let me just say that my job allows me to dress pretty much how I want, except I shouldn’t show up in yoga pants and a sweatshirt like I want to every day. Our policy is “Business Casual,” but that’s so up for interpretation as to what constitutes “business” and “casual” that it’s hard sometimes to not fall back on my basics like a soft v-neck tee and skinny jeans. My motto is if I have to question whether or not something is work appropriate than it probably isn’t and I shouldn’t wear it.

Anyways!! Here are my outfits for this second week of April!

*Disclaimer: please excuse all the weird angles of my photos this week – I am trying to find the best place to take my photos that don’t show a lot of background!

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Casually Comfortable — Outfits of the Week

And the heinous weather mood swings continue.   Oh winter-hail-bipolar polar vortex, please cease and desist!

All these weather changes and persistent congestion accompanied by fatigue left me feeling highly unmotivated and underwhelmed with getting dressed for work everyday.  To be honest, I’m blessed to work in a school district that has SUCH a lax dress code.  But in all reality, I miss the high expectations of the Southern mentality I grew up with until the age of 18 (when I promptly left the South).

I never understood it then, and I certainly didn’t fit in.  But boy do I appreciate it now!  And my momma’s input/wardrobe development lessons that would just irritate us both to no end while I was growing up 😉

But I digress… Here’s how my week looked:

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