Style Challenges – Week 2

And the #springclosetremix and #marvelousmaystyle challenges continue!

I’ve got to say, I really haven’t missed not buying new clothes.  These challenges have actually challenged me to love what I have, think critically about how to save money, and have fun with what I own.  While all of that seems so “DUH”... I needed the reality check.

Shopping has become an escape and I started using clothes and spending money as a way to hide.

Pathetic, but hey, I’m being honest.

In the next month I’ll be making a rather large life change – returning to a field in my career that I left long ago (and it has changed DRAMATICALLY since I left 3.5 years ago), moving to a new city and an actual townhouse (vs. my apartment living since 2006), and working with a demographic that no longer allows me to dress as I please.

So these challenges, as superficial as they may seem, have kind of eased me into the adjustment of not shopping anymore.

 I will ALWAYS love shopping and clothes, I am a Southern girl after all.

But now I’m exploring new avenues of interest.  And it’s been a blast!

Ok, so, now back to my point after that rambling tangent into oblivion…. Here’s how my second week looked on the Instagram style challenges!

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Color Foam 5K – Kansas City Edition

I made a goal with myself several years ago that I would participate in 30 different 5k runs by the time I turn 30.

Well, so far that has a been a total farce.

  • First of all, I am NOT an athlete, and I am most definitely NOT a runner.  So I don’t know what possessed me to make that deal with myself.
  • Second, I’m about as coordinated as an elephant having a seizure.  True story.  I’ve broken so many bones in so many bizarre ways that I’ve lost count.

But a Color Foam 5K voucher appeared on my Groupon or Living Social account in February or March.  And since my lovely friend/sissy/summer roomie, Jessica, is all about living life to the fullest with me — she said she would participate in the Color Foam 5K, as well.

I think the voucher was $20 and then the fees were $4.99?  But it was so long ago I can’t even remember now.  The cost included an official Color Foam 5K t-shirt and sun glasses in your choice of pink, green, or blue.

Here’s how it all went down…

photo1 (1)
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L’oreal Collection Privee ~ Doutzen Nude (Review)

Well, I for one had no idea this collection existed.  Apparently, the end of the school year sucked me into a black hole of paperwork and IEPs that left no room for new makeup, or even rumors of new pretties!

Wandering through Ulta aimlessly on Mother’s Day (since my momma lives 18 hours away — but I was on the phone with her), I found this BEAUTIFUL L’oreal nude pink and I fell in love.

The collection itself has 6 nude shades of varying tones, each endorsed by a beautiful female celebrity.  Obviously, the shade I chose – “Doutzen Nude” – is endorsed by Dutch model/actress/Victoria’s Secret Angel, Doutzen Kroes.

I’ve worn it everyday since I’ve bought it so I thought I’d do a little review!
(Humor me, this is my first post like this.)

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Summer Makeup Must-Haves! (oily/combination skin)


We skipped Spring here all together and are plunging head-long into SUMMER.
It was 90… NINE.TY… degrees here this past week!

The change of seasons means my makeup routine needs an entire overhaul to combat the sun, sweat, and tan-to-come!
((( So can’t wait for that last part! )))

Being out in the sun/heat whether it’s at the pool, the ball park, or just hanging out at the park with friends, I am NOT a fan of a high maintenance look.  When you step outside and get that “melted” look…

Girl.  Not cute.

Here’s what I stick with to keep my makeup functional, simple, and protective.
Don’t you dare skip that SPF, girl!

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OOTD following TWO style challenges

In my last OOTD post, I mentioned the #springclosetremix & #marvelousmaystyle challenges happening on Instagram.  This month is also a “No Buying Clothes” challenge month.  That last challenge is tough for me, but I can honestly say I’ve stuck with it for 9 straight days and that’s quite a feat for me!  Maybe I’ll kick this shopping addiction after all these challenges!

Maybe… but not likely.

Here’s out my week looked:

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“On Wednesdays we wear pink…”

A week ago today was the 10 Year anniversary of the release of “Mean Girls”… excuse my while I mourn my age.


I don’t often wear pink, but I looked around my little apartment and pink starting jumping at me from every angle.  Not even kidding.

So today I’m celebrating the Pink in my life!

I wonder if the Plastics would let me sit with them…

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April Favorites!!

Holy cow, can we please talk about how fast 2014 is going?!? I cannot believe it is May already and almost half way to 2015. Time flies when you’re….bust with life!

Anyways…April was a pretty good month for me, not gonna lie. My skin has finally settled down, I’ve found some great products that are really helping me in my day to day routine, I got a promotion and a raise at work!! I also started the Tone It Up Bikini Series, which kicked off on April 28 (see my blog post and follow my journey on Instagram!).

I already have some favorites in mind for May, but first my April favorites!
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