Josie Maran Argan Skin Care

If we are being honest, I’ll have to admit that I’m a little more than partial to this line of skin care.

Jaclyn Hill & Nicole Guerriero got me hooked when they started talking about using the 100% Argan Oil (regular & light versions) as part of their night time skin care routines.

As a combo-prone-to-oily skin girl, I said there was no way I was putting an OIL on my face, on purpose. But then I realized, my skin went into to oil production hyperdrive when it was dry. So putting an oil directly on my skin, would, in essence, trick my skin into believing it already had what it needed and therefore not produce more of the dreaded oil that plagued me day in and day out.

The result? Perfection. Over time my skin balanced out from being full on oil rig to being dewy, clear, and soft. No more dry patches, no more oil slicks throughout the day, no more makeup breaking up as the hours dragged on.

And with that, Ms. Josie Maran became my skin care BFF.

My shopping downfall, aka HauteLook, featured Ms. Josie Maran and her products in April and it was toot, toot all aboard THATtrain to WonderTown!

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April Showers Bring… Favorites, of course!

I know “April Showers Bring May Flowers”… but so far these showers have just brought me a butt-ton of hail, tornadoes, and rain.  Nevertheless, I’m here to discuss a few of my favorite things from the month of April!


April Favorites


Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis – while it can be super scientific to read (like majorly, thoroughly, DETAILED), it has some very valuable information, education, and tips about wheat, diet, and the effect of both on the body.  And I’ve got to say, the Doc has some AT.TI.TUDE.  Slow down, son.  If $26 is too steep, check with your local library…

L’oreal Texture Perfecter Serum – I use this at night and in the morning after washing my face.  I can honestly say I’ve seen a difference in the texture of my skin!  I’m kind of shocked, I didn’t expect it to work this well haha and for $20, please don’t ever stop making this, L’oreal!
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First Impression – Ulta Illuminating BB Cream

As you know I’m on a kick right now to find the best product to even out my skin tone without making my crazy sensitive skin go insane. Confession time: I had never shopped at Ulta before! There aren’t really any close to where I work or live and I had never heard of them until Charlie told me about them. I decided to throw caution to the wind and order some products online. Happy day when I received these awesome new finds in the mail!

photo 1

Ulta BB Cream, Stila HD Beauty Balm Trio, Ulta Double Duty Foundation, Physicians Formula CC+

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Skincare Essentials

To all of you who were born blessed with a flawless-rivaling-the-angels-complexion… I envy you.

To all the rest of us:

Hey girl, I feel you.

I’ll be honest.  I didn’t have great skin growing up.  My daddy is the most handsome man around, but boy howdy, did I fall into his gene pool with a big ol’ belly flop when it came to skin.

Acne prone — cystic acne prone.

The blessed trifecta when you’re a girl, right?  –Just punch me in my already suffering face, please.–

In high school, I had acne so badly that my momma let me start wearing makeup earlier than she intended to allow simply because my skin was THAT bad.  I was so embarrassed all the time.  My skin hurt.  We tried different dermatology routes – oral meds, refrigerated meds, face wash meds.  Ugh.  It improved only slightly.

Over time I grew out of it and the peasants (aka, myself) rejoiced!!

That’s when my skin lowered the boom on me.
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