May I Present My Favorites?

Hello everyone! First of all I want to start off by saying shame on me for ignoring the blog for the past few weeks – I’ve been busy with life/work/traveling/Tone It Up-ing, but that’s no excuse! I’m making a promise to myself to get back into blogging about the things I like and enjoy because it just makes me happy 🙂

Now that that’s out of the way…MAY FAVORITES!!

I have been waiting all month to share some of my favorites with you all. Some oldies but goodies made it onto the list this month and of course I already have some great things saved up for June favorites…but you’ll have to wait for those! Without further adieu, I present to you, my favorites for the month of May:

photo 1

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“On Wednesdays we wear pink…”

A week ago today was the 10 Year anniversary of the release of “Mean Girls”… excuse my while I mourn my age.


I don’t often wear pink, but I looked around my little apartment and pink starting jumping at me from every angle.  Not even kidding.

So today I’m celebrating the Pink in my life!

I wonder if the Plastics would let me sit with them…

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April Showers Bring… Favorites, of course!

I know “April Showers Bring May Flowers”… but so far these showers have just brought me a butt-ton of hail, tornadoes, and rain.  Nevertheless, I’m here to discuss a few of my favorite things from the month of April!


April Favorites


Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis – while it can be super scientific to read (like majorly, thoroughly, DETAILED), it has some very valuable information, education, and tips about wheat, diet, and the effect of both on the body.  And I’ve got to say, the Doc has some AT.TI.TUDE.  Slow down, son.  If $26 is too steep, check with your local library…

L’oreal Texture Perfecter Serum – I use this at night and in the morning after washing my face.  I can honestly say I’ve seen a difference in the texture of my skin!  I’m kind of shocked, I didn’t expect it to work this well haha and for $20, please don’t ever stop making this, L’oreal!
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Spring Essentials

~* Spring *~     

Some of us have it full swing
(you, sly dog, you!)

Some of us still long for it
(that would be me)

Nevertheless, I’m spending more and more time outside
of my little apartment and really appreciating my surroundings.

Though in true girl fashion, I never manage to leave my house empty handed!

Here are my “gotta have it” items I keep close at hand:
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Raindrops on Roses & Whiskers on Kittens…

So let me just tell you a little something about myself. Much like my co-conspirator Charlie, I have an unhealthy obsession with spending money, and not always on things that I need. I’m aware of said problem (this is the first step to fixing it, right?) but continue to go down the slippery slope of  buying useless things that I use/wear once or twice and then find 5 years later in the back of a closet somewhere.

That being said, there are always a few favorites that I turn to time and time again. While these things might not work for everyone, they are my old faithfuls that get me through my life every day!

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March (Madness) Favorites

Oh March Madness!  How your name suits you… Thanks alot Duke & KU!  #bitterbydefault

All basketball disappointments aside– I will admit I have a little madness of mine own, though, don’t we all?!  And I’ve come to the realization that you just gotta OWN THAT ISH, my friend!  It’s part of your passion, your quirks, it’s all a part of who-you-are, what makes you so incredibly unique and valuable and imperfectly perfect!

My madness just happens to be super girly and not always very cost effective in my life.

Yeah, yeah, banking institution, you can stop sending me fraud alerts every week — I really am shopping THAT much.

But once in a while, after countless (read: thousand$) of dollars, you find your Holy Grails!  And since we’re so blessed to live in a day and age of convenience, we have Luvocracy to track all our “luvs” and make it simple (and at times, cheaper) to have a one-stop-shop right in your own living room!

Luvocracy is simply Pinterest with the ability to shop/buy directly from your “luvs” without ever having to track anything down, do any comparison shopping (hey, I’m a little cheap like that — don’t judge me), and really have it all (and delivered!) straight to the door of your adorable humble abode.  And if the order is messed up, well, #firstworldproblems.

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